About Us

Our Company

99 plus was started with one purpose in mind; to harness the power of the earth creating an organic plant-based supplement that will heal the people of the world one ailment at a time.

Using our knowledge of the human body & its many, ever-changing conditions we created a line of hemp based products  that have proven to enhance full spectrum quality of life.

Our products have been created for everybody and can be used by anybody from the world’s most elite athletes to families in search of a supplement that supports a healthier lifestyle.

Join us as we shift the world’s healing directly from our hearts to your hands, Welcome to our Family.

– 99 Plus

Our Team


Adam Ster


His intension is to heal the planet. A lofty goal, we know but if anyone can do it, it is our fearless leader. He loves to play outside and be in the mountains. Hiking, climbing, biking, anything that gets the blood pumping.

An avid Ninja Warrior, Climber, Obstacle Racer, Triathlete and a competitive athlete all his life. He knows a thing or two about how to push the potential of himself and his athletes. How to recover and what the human body needs to perform at its best, day in and day out. 

Dubbed the “Mad Scientist” by his peers. Adam has developed all of our formulas from top to bottom. Tested them all extensively on himself and with his athletes to bring everyone only the best, most efficient, one of a kind experience.

Xavier Rojas


Xavier Rojas is the Vice President of 99 Plus. He grew up wrestling and boxing and is a lifelong devotee of martial arts and fitness. 

After ending his on and off wrestling career at 28, he immersed himself into his legal and business career. His love of training and combat sports is what led him to his friend, and ultimately a partnership, with Adam.

Xavier is most proud of being a father, and husband, and enjoys spending time in the outdoors. When he isn’t shooting arrows in the backyard, he is running on the beach and cooking with his family (preferably an unlucky pig, elk, moose or deer he, his father or a friend happened upon while hunting).