Prevention is Key- The MBW guide to CV Living.

As many know around the globe. I heal people, I find solutions to problems have very little options for fixes. I had one of my many “remedy dreams” last night and wanted to share with everyone. 

A quick note of what a “Remedy Dream” is (best as I can describe it). When a really tough problem faces a client, or in this case, the world. I put all the factors together. Face up to all the problems/factors within the issue. I mull it over constantly while awake. Then I will wake up with a protocol slamming my brain. Then I put it on paper or blog based on a dream message. So contained in this message is a couple of links and a supplement protocol and some tips for relaxation as well as mindfulness.

This is not a sales call BTW. The products suggested here are here because I have tested, relentlessly for decades and these are by far the best and made by people that actually care about people not jus their bottom line monetarily. It is very important to note that the products mentioned aren’t a necessity I am merely telling what I know works and works the best in my educated opinion. You can order it all online so you don’t have to go out in public keeping the spread of the disease to a minimum… DO YOUR PART

Also the big fat disclaimer. DO NOT take this a medical advice! It is intended as a guide to healthier living that just so happens to help lung function and has for decades. I hold not responsibility for anyone not consulting their primary care physicians on their medical issues prior to trying this guide. The disclaimer is at the top of this, NOT hidden deep in the bottom for a reason. I have earned my credentials over my career but am not a DR. Enjoy people.

Its about prevention. Protocol-  


MesoSilver nebulized and orally.

Body heat over 102-104 daily for 5-10mins prolonged.

Lots of Vitamins


Food Grade Peroxide therapy if accessable.






This is my friend’s company. We can’t say how we know this works but lets just say a very infectious disease was remedied from this specific product. Its these specific colliodal metals and his process that makes them work so well.  

The mesoSilver-

-1tbsp x4 per day orally.

-5ml in a nebulizer 2x per day. (You 100% need a nebulizer, humidifiers don’t work)

-2000-5000mg vitC intervenus is better.

-Vit B,C,D,Mag glycinate, high dose zinc, quercetin. Alteast once per day each.

Magnet. Stronger the better. Kitchen magnet(s) will do. Put on around chest over lungs for at least 5-10 mins daily. Lay flat on the ground and put the magnets on your chest or lay face down and put them on your upper/middle back or both. If you feel any tingling or heat that is uncomfortable take them off. The job is done. This varies for everyone so just feel it out.

Has to be FOOD GRADE.  DO NOT CONSUME THE PHARMACY PEROXIDE IN THE BROWN BOTTLE.  This product has to be ordered and can be found at the website, as follows.


3 drops in 4 oz of water, 3x per day on an empty stomach.  


Same as day1 but with 4 drops.


Same as previous 2 days but with 5 drops.

**Continue until you are at 10 drops 3x/day.  

I personally do this up to 10 drop day then I go back down a drop each day until the 5 drop day. Then back and forth through a 5 day cycle. ie: 5drop day, 6 drop day, 7 drop day, 8 drop day, 9 drop day, 10 drop day… 10D, 9D,8D,7D,6D,5D. feel free to take 2 days off if you wish.

For anxiety and mental issues associated with hard times we always support companies like 99plus for all of our protocols for so many reasons. The NanoBombs are great for a hot bath (SEE NEXT SECTION). All of these products are built to help aches and pains associated with inflammation as a whole. The CV is inflammation of the lungs so…

Sweat atleast once per day.

Get body temp over 102 degrees for atleast 5-10 mins strait. WORKOUT, get sweaty, it doesn’t matter just sweat for more than 10 minutes a day. The more the better. Using “Sweet Sweat” is used to flush the system. It helps get that massive seat going all over the body. The point her his to SWEAT, however you wish to do this. Also is a spectacular way to get your sweat on in a confined space, even just walking around in this thing gets you a killer workout. 

Drink water. Now usually I would say to get your hands on and I still do as it will help used up liquids get out of the system just as much as it benefits cellular hydration. But, water will do, keeping a urine stream that is very light yellow will be the indicator here. Having to use the restroom more that usual to urinate is good and helps flush the system of toxins that the body needs to elimiate.

MOVEMENT IS LIFE” Move, stretch, roll around on the ground. This is the most important thing to me. Your body wants to move. Stretch, do yoga, move your big toes. (Listen to “The Adventure Stache” on iTunes by Payson Mcelveen episode 19  to hear about the “big toe”) But seriously, movement flushes metabolic waste and used up blood, lymph etc. from the body. Movement clears your system. This is a very important step for everyday life. It may seem like a hassle but you need to care for your body. 

Meditation. We must all get ahold of our minds right now. This is always a good proactice for life anyways but the 5 mins, set an alarm 1-3 times daily and just sit and focus on filling your lungs and exhale completely. Have a conversation with your body and tell it this…

 “These times are hard, you can heal yourself, no need to panic or worry, we got this”!

We can all do these things. It seems like a lot on paper but it does not require too much time nor effort. Right now we have a lot of time to take care of ourselves so getting in habit now is easy for when this is all over. The hope is that everyone will learn healthy ways to boost their own immune system, move better, be out of so much pain and maybe just maybe a little less angst and depression when this all resolves.

Be nice, we are all in this together.

Any questions just ask! I heal, I cant help it. Direct all email inquiries to

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